Best Beaches Zanzibar -Powdery White

Sand And Sapphire Waters can you imagine a more exciting holiday destination than fabulous beaches with the rhythms of Africa? With the most delicious food and wonderful people, in addition, Zanzibar is a perfect place to spend your days off. This exotic paradise of Tanzania boasts of the UNESCO listed Stone Town, the aroma of various spices, Fred Mercury’s spirit that lingers among the cobbled streets of the town, the famous bar of The Rock and turquoise water along the Zanzibar beaches above all. Check which airlines fly to zanzibar once you get there, this tropical story never ends.

Bwejuu Beach – a mixture of activities and leisure

Southeast coast boasts of one of the best Zanzibar beaches. It takes only an hour and a half from Stone Town to reach this marvellous string of white sand fringed with palm trees. In the tranquil atmosphere of this quiet part of Zanzibar, you can relax and regain your inner peace. On the other hand, it is by no means a boring place. Various activities are available: • A trip to Bwejuu village • A reef safari • A dhow trip and mangrove forest • A trip to Stone Town • A trip to Jozani Forest This top Zanzibar beach has the most diverse accommodation options.

Nungwi Beach – a coral reef protected paradise

The magnificent azure waters and pearly-white sand on the northernmost point of the island make this Zanzibar beach one of the most popular. When the tide is low, the beach becomes a splendid sand path to walk and meet the local Masai people doing their daily activities. The ocean is warm and safe and breathtaking sunsets are awaiting you at the end of the day full of beach activities. Beach resorts, bars, restaurants and hotels make it one of the liveliest spots on the island. The entertainment never stops here. On the other hand, incredible coral reefs make this Zanzibar beach a perfect place for: • Diving • Snorkelling. • Dhow Cruises These waters are home to dolphins, turtles and even whale sharks.

Kendwa Beach - all-day swimming guaranteed

The most extraordinary sunsets and peace make this Zanzibar beach unique. However, the tide that doesn't really affect the beach here is its most famous feature. The crystal-clear water and white sand provide opportunities for: • Swimming • Snorkelling • Diving. Yet be careful not to disturb bright-coloured starfish that live close to the beach. Nights enliven the quiet air and party people can enjoy the relaxed nightlife.

Matemwe Beach – a pristine hideaway

This northeastern coast has resisted mass tourism for a long time. The longest Zanzibar beach has preserved its unspoiled charm that consequently attracts more tourists today. The extensive beach is an excellent stretch of white sand where you can watch friendly locals sailing and doing other everyday activities and the local children playing. Powder-white sand is lined with palm trees that hide traditional fishing villages giving you an opportunity to learn about local culture. However, the world-known Mnemba Atoll just beyond the main reef only about two kilometres offshore offers: • Best diving • Snorkelling • Kitesurfing • Sailing. Visitors can enjoy beautiful sunrises and have long romantic walks here. They can take a break in one of the small local restaurants.

Kizimkazi Beach – a dolphin safari option

The southern Zanzibar beach of Kizimkazi reveals a completely different nature of the island. Instead of long silvery areas of sand bordered with palm trees, Kizimkazi Beach stretches along an elevated coral rag cliff in a shape of small coves. Therefore, it is an authentic and original place. From the village of Kizimkazi you can: • Take dolphin tours. There is an option to swim with dolphins but special care has to be taken not to disturb these lovely creatures in their natural habitat.

Pongwe – an archetypal tropical portion of Zanzibar

Dense greenery that fringes this Zanzibar beach and the palm trees spotted across the sand bring you as close to a tropical paradise as possible. An offshore reef protects the water and as a result, it is calm and safe to swim. Actually, it might be the best swimming beach on the island. Some activities can be arranged: • Boat Trips To The Reef • Snorkelling

Paje Beach – tranquillity among lovely sea creatures

The southeast Zanzibar beach of Paje is perfect with extensive stretches of white sand, palm trees and azure waters. It is its tranquillity that attracts visitors who want to take some rest from the busiest beaches in the north. Coral reefs are home to turtles, trumpet fish, moray eel and starfish. Therefore, the beach is famous for: • Water Sports • Kitesurfing • Scuba Diving Locals collect seaweed and women produce soap wrapped in banana leaf. Visitors should buy a few and support the community. Zanzibar, the gem of the Indian ocean shines just 6o south of the equator close to the east coast of Africa. That is an archipelago of the turbulent past and rich history, culture and tradition. Pristine Zanzibar beaches, plenty of sunshine and the exotic Swahili dishes make Zanzibar a holiday destination not to be missed.