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Zanzibar has become the rising star of African tourism. The island has gained consistent yearly growth in tourism and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) since 2013 thanks to the progressive Government policies for attracting and protecting investment made by nationals of other countries. In addition to the upward trend in travel and investment, the island’s population has grown by 6% annually. The result is a higher demand for quality housing and new opportunities for those looking to invest in real estate in Zanzibar. Out of this growth and demand, Fumba Town was created to meet the needs of the increasingly affluent people flocking to Zanzibar.

Fumba Town Aerial View

Fumba Town is a sustainably master planned community sprawled across 150 acres of coastal savannah and 1.5kms of Indian Ocean coastline. The estate is located only 25 minutes from Stone Town, and Zanzibar International Airport that has daily flights to the GCC, South Africa, East Africa and Europe. There is also a nearby ferry that travels between Dar es Salaam and the Tanzania mainland, making it easy to travel to and from the town.

Beside View

Fumba Town has opened its doors to residents and businesses. Investing in Fumba Town allows you to participate in a project that consistently delivers outstanding value, and provide long term investment returns. This investment allows you to invest and have a positive impact on the local economy.

Bustani Villas From USD 199,000.00

Living in Fumba Town is to live the dream. Experience coastal living with urban access. Enjoy state of the art products, generous spaces and a secure home set on a tropical island. Live a life of ocean breezes and breath-taking views. The children’s play area, nature friendly green spaces and security make Fumba Town ideal for both families and solo residents and travellers. modern amenities with Swahili culture for a truly luxurious and peaceful lifestyle. As the first fully-integrated residential development in Zanzibar, Fumba Town showcases a best-value portfolio of stylish apartments and villas. The nature-oriented community boasts lush, green public spaces with local natural commodities including Moringa trees and papaya trees. The social infrastructure of Fumba Town is woven throughout the residential neighbourhoods for the residents’ convenience. Have access to modern services for comfortable everyday living, and healthcare nearby which is essential welfare of the community’s residents. Fumba Town’s unique portfolio of properties boasts excellent potential for those investors looking for long term return on investment. Fumba Town has attracted investors of 49 nationalities worldwide. This development is the first opportunity for non-citizens to buy property in Zanzibar. Secured with a Government-issued 99-year lease. The vision for Fumba Town is endorsed and fully supported by HE President Shein, who called Fumba Town “a benchmark achievement”, and a fully-integrated town of modern, urban, green and social infrastructures for the guaranteed welfare, security and comfort of the community’s residents.

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Moyoni Homes From USD 54,900.00

Moyoni is a pioneering neighborhood in the heart of Fumba Town that consists of clusters of modern, lowrise apartments. Communal space and functional design are at the heart of Moyoni’s design philosophy. Situated around natural gardens and play areas, Moyoni Homes help foster community engagement and a sense of social well being. The innovative design of these apartment interiors feature functional, efficient layouts and shared amenities for larger groups of residents to enjoy.

Mwangani Apartments From USD 19,900.00

The Mwangani Apartments are carefully situated among the verdant equatorial greenery of parks and gardens. The lush leaves usher in the ocean breezes and tropical sunsets of the Zanzibar coast. The architectural design of each apartment embraces the elements of natural light and the beauty of the tropical paradise setting. Each apartment showcases sweeping views that stretch across the treetops, over the Indian Ocean and the islands of the Zanzibar archipelago. Panoramic views of the cityscape highlight the lush landscape for which the Spice Island is globally celebrated. The living spaces are authentic to the Zanzibari culture and lifestyle and highlight the magic of the island.

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