Learn Swahili

Learn Swahili

Learn Swahili basics before traveling to Zanzibar
If you plan on traveling to Zanzibar, it is worthwhile learning to speak Swahili, the locals are always warm towards those who try communicate in Swahili, even if its just hi and bye.

Seafront Stone Town Zanzibar

Basic English To Swahili "Hi & Bye"

General Conversational Translations English To Swahili “Please & Thank You”

English To Swahili “Yes & No”
English To Swahili Pronouns “His & Hers
“Who, What, Where” In Swahili
Days Of The Week In Swahili
Months In Swahili
Shopping In Swahili “How Much”
Swahili When Eating & Drinking Out

Seafood Chef in Forodhani Gardens Zanzibar

Numbers In Swahili